It’s sad to find previous company no longer exist. What’s even sadder is my portfolio has no place to refer to.

Since the orengeo service is all discontinued, I decide to save my work with some dummy inputs. Driven by the local dummy data, at least I can demonstrate the look and feel of the app and give user the taste of UI/UX.


  • You can type in ramdom username and password to sign in.
  • This demo covers most of features except online order which can not be generated and links which has no place to go.
  • Some features requires the hardware connection like printer, cash drawer, card reader, are not working in this demo.
  • For credit card payment you can type in random number, it processes anyway. (fake transaction)


I am no longer working for Orengeo team since 2014. This demo is only for demonstration purposes and not relate to Orengeo Inc.